TMEX Transport Error Return Codes Overview Group

(-1)  PORT_NOT_INITIALIZED - 1-Wire network not initialized with TMSetup
(-2)  PORT_NOT_EXIST       - specified 1-Wire network nonexistent
(-3)  NO_SUCH_FUNCTION     - function not supported
(-4)  ERROR_READ_WRITE     - error reading or writing a packet
(-5)  BUFFER_TOO_SMALL     - packet larger than provided buffer
(-6)  DEVICE_TOO_SMALL     - not enough room for packet on device
(-7)  NO_DEVICE            - device not found
(-8)  BLOCK_TOO_BIG        - block transfer too long
(-9)  WRONG_TYPE           - wrong type of device for this function
(-10) PAGE_REDIRECTED      - the page being read is redirected
(-11) PROGRAM_NOT_POSSIBLE - the device is written in a way that can not be changed
(-200)INVALID_SESSION      - session not valid
(-201)HS_NOT_FOUND         - Hardware_Specific driver not found and is required.

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