TMEX API Alphabetized Function List Overview Group

Get_Version             read the version string of the main TMEX driver
TMAccess                select the current device
TMAttribute             change file/directory attributes
TMAutoOverDrive         automatically get in and out of overdrive speeds
TMBlockIO               transfer a block to the 1-Wire network
TMBlockStream           transfer a stream to the 1-Wire network.
TMChangeDirectory       read or change the current directory
TMCloseFile             close an opened/created file
TMClose                 power down a port (not always applicable)
TMCRC                   provides 8-bit or 16-bit CRC calculation
TMCreateFile            create a file for writing
TMCreateProgramJob      ready the write buffer for EPROM programming
TMDeleteFile            delete a file
TMDirectoryMR           Make or Remove a sub-directory
TMDoProgramJob          do the EPROM programming
TMEndSession            relinquish a 1-Wire network port
TMExtendedReadPage      read a device-CRC validated page (regular or status)
TMExtendedStartSession  request a 1-Wire network port
TMFamilySearchSetup     set the search to find a family type on the next search
TMFirstAlarm            find the first alarming device on a 1-Wire network
TMFirstFile             get first file name in the current directory
TMFirst                 find the first device on a 1-Wire network
TMFormat                format 1-Wire device for file structure
TMGetAdapterSpec        returns 1-Wire adapter feature-set information
TMGetFamilySpec         gets 1-Wire device description based on family code
TMGetTypeVersion        power down a port (not always applicable)
TMNextAlarm             find the next alarming device on a 1-Wire network
TMNextFile              get next file name in the current directory
TMNext                  find the next device on a 1-Wire network
TMOneWireCom            set the 1-Wire communication speed
TMOneWireLevel          set the 1-Wire communication level
TMOpenFile              open a file for reading
TMOverAccess            select the current device and switch it into overdrive speed
TMProgramBlock          program a block of bytes in an EPROM 1-Wire device
TMProgramByte           program a byte in an EPROM 1-Wire device
TMProgramPulse          send a programming pulse to 1-Wire network
TMReadDefaultPort       reads the default 1-Wire port and type from the system registry
TMReadFile              read an opened file
TMReadPacket            read a CRC16 validated packet
TMReNameFile            rename a file
TMRom                   read the current device ROM or set the ROM for the next select
TMSearch                performs general search for 1-Wire devices
TMSetup                 verify the port exists
TMSkipFamily            skip the current device family type on the next search
TMStartSession          (old format) request a 1-Wire network port
TMStrongAccess          verify that the current device is still there and select
TMStrongAlarmAccess     same as TMStrongAccess except it must be alarming
TMTerminateAddFile      terminate an ‘AddFile’ with Universal Data Packets
TMTouchBit              one bit communication to 1-Wire network
TMTouchByte             one byte communication to 1-Wire network
TMTouchReset            reset 1-Wire devices on 1-Wire network
TMValidSession          check to see if the 1-Wire network port session is still valid
TMWriteAddFile          append or alter an ‘AddFile’ on an EPROM 1-Wire device
TMWriteFile             write a created file
TMWritePacket           write a CRC16 validated packet

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