TMEX Hardware Specific API List Overview Group

TMSetup             verify the port exists
TMTouchByte         one byte communication to 1-Wire network
TMTouchReset        reset 1-Wire devices on 1-Wire network
TMTouchBit          one bit communication to 1-Wire network
TMProgramPulse      send a programming pulse to 1-Wire network
TMOneWireLevel      set the 1-Wire communication level
TMOneWireCom        set the 1-Wire communication speed
TMClose             power down a port (not always applicable)
TMGetTypeVersion    power down a port (not always applicable)
TMBlockStream       transfer a stream to 1-Wire network
TMReadDefaultPort   reads the default 1-Wire port and type from the system registry
TMGetAdapterSpec    returns 1-Wire adapter feature-set information

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