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The Get_Version API call gets the main version ID string of the TMEX driver. Make sure that the buffer 'ID_buf' is at least 80 bytes to hold the ID string. The format for the main identification (ID) string is "xx_DLLNAME_Vz.zz_month/day/year (FULLNAME.DLL)" where:

_ - represent spaces

xx hardware type code 00 to 99 that the DLL uses.
00 general DLL requiring a BASFUN type interrupt
01 COM port DLL
02 LPT port DLL
03 contain type 00,01, and 02
FF indicates a version 3.00 main driver that has a selectable and configurable hardware drivers.
DLLNAME - the name of the DLL that ranges in length from 1 to 8 characters.

Vz.zz - version number. (i.e. V1.00) It could include other specifier such as ‘Alpha’ or ‘Beta’.

month/day/year - date DLL released

(FULLNAME.DLL) - is the full name of the DLL driver.

short far pascal Get_Version(

char far *ID_buf     // buffer to hold main id string

For a description of the above types, see the TMEX Type Descriptions.



Specifies a pointer to a buffer to hold the main ID string.

Return Value

1 => ID string is in ID_buf.

0 => could not get the ID

-201 => Hardware_Specific driver not found and is required

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