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The TMGetTypeVersion API call reads the version ID string for the specified HARDWARE_SPECIFIC TMEX driver. The provided buffer 'ID_buf' must be at least 80 bytes to hold the ID string. The valid hardware specific type numbers ‘HSType’ are in the range 0 to 15. See Microsoft Windows TMEX Considerations for a description of the type numbers and their default drivers. The format for the hardware specific ID string is "tttt_HARDWARENAME_Vz.zz_month/day/year (FULLNAME.DLL)" where:

_ - represents spaces

tttt - This is the one to four letter short version of the hardware type. This short name can be used by applications as an indicator of the port type such as ‘COM’ for the DS9097E COM port driver.

HARDWARENAME - is the name of the hardware such as the DS9097E or DS1410E 1-wire addapters.

DLLNAME - the name of the DLL that ranges in length from 1 to 8 characters.

Vz.zz - version number. (i.e. V1.00) It could include other specifier such as ‘Alpha’ or ‘Beta’.

month/day/year - date DLL released

(FULLNAME.DLL) - is the full name of the DLL driver.

short far pascal TMGetTypeVersion(

short HSType,     // hardware type number
char far *ID_buf  // buffer to hold hardware type id string

For a description of the above types, see the TMEX Type Descriptions.



Specifies the hardware type number to read the id string from.


Specifies a pointer to a buffer to hold the hardware type ID string.

Return Value

1 => ID string is in ID_buf.

0 => could not get the ID

<0 => TMEX Hardware Specific Error Return Codes

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