TMEX File Operations Error Return Codes Overview Group

(-1)   NO_DEVICE             - no device found on 1-Wire network
(-2)   WRONG_TYPE            - wrong type of device for specified operation
(-3)   FILE_READ_ERR         - file/directory read error
(-4)   BUFFER_TOO_SMALL      - buffer is smaller than the file to read
(-5)   HANDLE_NOT_AVAIL      - all file handles are used
(-6)   FILE_NOT_FOUND        - file specified is not in the current directory
(-7)   REPEAT_FILE           - file already exists with name provided
(-8)   HANDLE_NOT_USED       - given file handle is not assigned a file
(-9)   FILE_WRITE_ONLY       - trying to read a write file handle
(-10)  OUT_OF_SPACE          - not enough room on device to write
(-11)  FILE_WRITE_ERR        - write error, part may have expired
(-12)  FILE_READ_ONLY        - trying to write a read file handle
(-13)  FUNC_NOT_SUP          - function not supported
(-14)  BAD_FILENAME          - illegal file/directory name
(-15)  CANT_DEL_READ_ONLY    - trying to delete read only file
(-16)  HANDLE_NOT_EXIST      - file handle does not exist
(-17)  ONE_WIRE_PORT_ERROR   - error in the 1-Wire network, 1-Wire network may not be setup using TMSetup
(-18)  INVALID_DIRECTORY     - directory given is invalid
(-19)  DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY   - directory must be empty to delete it
(-20)  UNABLE_TO_CREATE_DIR  - maximum depth of 10 sub-directories is reached
(-21)  NO_PROGRAM_JOB        - there is no program job started
(-22)  PROGRAM_WRITE_PROTECT - device is written in a way that can not be changed
(-23)  NON_PROGRAM_PARTS     - there are non-EPROM parts on the 1-Wire network during an attempt to program
(-24)  ADDFILE_TERMINATED    - the AddFile is terminated and cannot be appended to
(-200) INVALID_SESSION       - session not valid.
(-201) HS_NOT_FOUND          - Hardware_Specific driver not found and is required.

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