TMEX File Operations API List Overview Group

TMFirstFile           get first file name in the current directory
TMNextFile            get next file name in the current directory
TMOpenFile            open a file for reading
TMCreateFile          create a file for writing
TMCloseFile           close an opened/created file
TMReadFile            read an opened file
TMWriteFile           write a created file
TMDeleteFile          delete a file
TMFormat              format 1-Wire device for file structure
TMAttribute           change file/directory attributes
TMReNameFile          rename a file
TMChangeDirectory     read or change the current directory
TMDirectoryMR         Make or Remove a sub-directory
TMCreateProgramJob    ready the write buffer for EPROM programming
TMDoProgramJob        do the EPROM programming
TMWriteAddFile        append or alter an ‘AddFile’ on an EPROM 1-Wire device
TMTerminateAddFile    terminate an ‘AddFile’ with Universal Data Packets
TMGetFamilySpec       gets 1-Wire device description based on family code
Get_Version           read the version string of the main TMEX driver

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