OW.NET API SDK Contents        1-Wire SDK Help

The 1-Wire API .NET assembly library (OneWireAPI.NET.dll) is based on our 1-Wire API for Java.  The Java class files from the 1-Wire API for Java were compiled in Microsoft J# to create the above .NET library.  Please see the OW.NET API Primer for a nice overview/tutorial of the assembly library and how to use. Also, make sure that the .NET framework version 2.0 and Visual J# redistributable version 2.0 Second Edition are installed prior to running or compiling the example programs.  These are available for download from Microsoft.  To create your own 1-Wire .NET program, create a Visual Studio 2005  project and simply add a reference to the OneWireAPI.NET.dll and vjslib (the J# redistributable) libraries.  Then start coding. The OneWireAPI.NET.dll library provides powerful "Container" classes that wrap the entire functionality of a 1-Wire device into easy-to-program methods and properties.

The contents of the SDK for OW.NET are as follows:

  1. Source code examples in Visual Basic and C# written/compiled as AnyCPU programs, which will run as 32-bit on 32-bit Microsoft operating systems and 64-bit on 64-bit operating systems.
  2. A complete set of HTML documentation containing detailed descriptions of all of the 1-Wire API for .NET, including objects, methods, and properties.
  3. Compiled versions of all of the example programs.
  4. The complete source code for the OneWireAPI.NET.dll library as a Microsoft Visual J# project.

File list for the OW.NET portion of the SDK:

Documentation in (install directory)\DOCS\OW.NET

HTML DOCS -  To browse them, please start with index.html

Source Files and J# project for OneWireAPI.NET.dll in (install directory)\SOURCE\OW.NET

Example Program Source Files by directory are in (install directory)\EXAMPLES\OW.NET:


   \HygrochronViewer       -  A C# GUI Demo app.

Exercises DS1923 Hygrochron iButtons, DS1922L/T/E Thermochron iButtons, and DS2422 Datalogger Chips.  This application supports starting and stopping missions, analyzing mission results from temperature and humidity (or as integer data values in the case of the DS2422), and saving those results to .csv file for use in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications.


   \ClockADJ               - 
A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

Sets 1-Wire/iButton clocks (basically, any OneWireContainer that implements the ClockContainer interface).  Examples of these are the DS1904, DS2417, and all the iButton data logger models:  DS1921G/H/Z, DS1922L/T/E, DS2422. 

   \DS1921GetTempLog       - 
A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

Downloads the temperature history of DS1921G/H/Z temperature data loggers.  Allows for saving temperature history to a file.           

   \FileApp                - 
A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

The "FileApp.exe" is an example program that reads/writes files according to the 1-Wire File structure standard.  The program can also format a 1-Wire/iButton memory for the file system, display the directory structure, make or delete directories, create/write files.  This works on any iButton with writable memory, such as the DS199X (but not the DS1990a) devices, DS198X devices, DS197X, DS250X, DS2430, DS2431, DS2433 and the user memory of the iButton data loggers.

   \Get1WireAddresses      -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

The "Get1WireAddresses.exe" is an example program that simply lists the 1-Wire/iButton devices available on a 1-Wire network.  It also prints a description of the device.  This applies to all iButton and 1-Wire devices.

   \GetA2DVolts            -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

Lists the Analog-to-Digital 1-Wire devices found, specifically, those for which the ADContainer interface has been implemented. It will also print out the voltages on each channel of the device.  This applies to the DS2450, DS2438, DS2422.

   \GetTemps               -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

Lists all devices for which the TemperatureContainer has been implemented and also displays the temperature associated with the device.  This applies to the DS1920, DS18S20, DS18B20, DS28EA00, and the entire data logger line of iButtons.

   \MemoryBanks            -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

The MemoryBanks.exe is an example program that allows the user to read/write iButton/1-Wire devices supported by the OW.NET API's "Memory Bank" object. It will write a page packet only to a "Main Memory" or "Data Memory" Memory Bank.  The page packet consists of a length byte, followed by "Testing 123" in byte format, followed by a 2-byte CRC16.  This applies to iButtons with memory.

   \MissionStartDelay      -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

Missions DS1922L/DS1922T devices to take temperatures at specified intervals.  With this example, the mission start delay box on the main window continuously "ticks" away once set so that multiple Thermochrons can easily be synchronized to start at the same time.

   \SecureKey91            -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

Reads/writes the DS1991 iButton.  It finds and sets all DS1991s' passwords to a hard-coded password "password", with the hard-coded id of "ds1991id".  Clicking on "Write the secure subkeys" button writes the hard-coded ascii string "testing 123" to each subkey.

   \SkipRomTemps           -  A VB.NET GUI Demo app.

To shorten the time to retrieve temps, SkipRomTemps.exe issues a "Skip Rom" command followed by a "Temp Conversion" command.  It broadcasts to all DS1920s to perform a temperature conversion at the same time, thus avoiding several 1-second delays. This program only works with the DS1920 (DS18S20) temperature sensors.